Who else mistakenly believes that cheap and good are mutually exclusive? Probodywork VIP Members are in on the big secret… huge savings on the best massage, bodywork, and fitness care in Silicon Valley!
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“By far one of the best massages I have ever had. Alex is truly amazing at what he does. My muscles were really sore from working out and Alex worked out all my trouble spots. I feel brand new!”
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[Got massage?] Massage Therapy helps the body feel better at all times, not just when you’re under the weather. Book a session now and find out how Probodywork = Massage 2.0. I (heart) Massage at Probodywork in Mountain view

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  • Neuro-Muscular Integration
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Why Probodywork? Have you ever wondered why so many massages feel great but the aches and pains return or remain? I always have and for years I tried different techniques in order to find out how to make the best of both things happen. It was not until I started to actually test and calibrate muscle function as well as giving out fitness homework that excellent results started to happen quite consistently. I do my best during each session to bring awareness to the ergonomic, nutritional, and bioenergetic causes of your myofascial conundrums. I talk about Probodywork and more on my Blog, Twitter, or Facebook pages. It’s a brave new world and we can all use more massages.
Office Hours: 10am to 8pm, most days, by online appointment only.

Location:Probodywork is located in Dr. Jays Health and Wellness Center at 2495 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA 94043 (662)947-4284  View Larger Map

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24 Hour Policy: In order to avoid late cancel and missed appointment fees please provide a minimum 24 hour notice when re-scheduling.  Please bookmark and use the manage appointments  link at the top of your booking confirmation email or in the automated reminder sent out the day before your session. Late cancel fee $20. Missed appointment fee $150.

“I came to see Alex with a few specific issues that had been bothering me for several months to years. I noticed an immediate improvement in my shoulder and lower back pain after one session. It was amazing! He also made some recommendations to help treat my issues on my own. He is one of those therapists who can sense deeper issues by touch. I will be back.”

Alex Frigino BA CMT, 2495 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA 94043
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